Universal Principles for Entrepreneurs

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Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson.

All of the most successful entrepreneurs in history got there by mastering their ability to collaborate with the order of the Universe. They made conscious study of what worked and what didn’t. Ultimately, they succeeded not because of what they did but because of what they understood.

In this monthly gathering we increase your awareness of how the Universe works - how it is already cooperating with your desire for success, joy, and abundance - so that you can take that understanding into your business and put it to work for you.

Your facilitator, Christina Ammerman, is Founder & Director of Zenquility, a center for healing and higher consciousness in Gainesville. Her study and application of Universal Principles along with emotional clearing through energy healing has allowed her to create phenomenal growth in her business. Her mentorship has helped many women leave their jobs and pursue their dreams as well. These gatherings take place at Zenquility, where you can see first-hand what she has created and how she uses Universal Principles to successfully guide and grow her business.

The topic for each gathering is driven by what you need, so that you get the exact nugget of wisdom you’re seeking at that time. Christina takes this into account as she prepares the material (intuitively “tuning in” to those who have RSVPed) and also adjusts according to the questions being asked in real time.