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Communication, Intuition, Guidance

Azurite has been called the "Stone of Heaven" that aids in the "Pursuit of the Heavenly Self," and is helpful in relieving worries, phobias, and nagging negative thoughts. Azurite also helps one to recognize the areas in life needing attention.

Azurite infuses intellectual logic with love, fostering compassion for oneself and others. Azurite can help dissolve energy blockages, communication blockages, as well as blockages to one's progress. Azurite calms and relieves mental stress. Azurite is useful in meditation to clear the mind, promote deep introspection and visualization, and allow clear recognition of intuitive messages that are received.


Primary Chakra(s): Third Eye/Throat


Sources for this information include, The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian, and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.